Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Public Nose Pickers Are Disgusting

PEOPLE WHO PICK THEIR NOSES UNABASHEDLY IN PUBLIC. on the flight from richmond to dallas, there was a man sitting diagonally in front of me who sat reading his paper and picking his nose enthusiastically and then compulsively rubbing his fingers together for moments at i time. i was so horrified and kept looking away, but my eyes were drawn back to him over and over, because i just couldn't believe it was happening. jesus!

OK, MS. You didn't specify haiku or limerick so I'll pick. Ouch. Bad word choice.

You're the man on the plane that I caught
Picking your nose, you disgust me a lot
No one else fidgets
Green goo 'tween their digits
You think it's cool, but it'snot.

1 comment:

seagrrl said...

LOL. You haikus and limericks and observations of life at hysterical. This is how David Sedaris started, except you're much more concise.

BTW, I am Andy's (Ilnicki) aunt who lives in Seattle. I happened upon you when I read your comment about the baby. OMG, OMG, OMG.... keep it up.