Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sportscasters Hatin' on VCU During March Madness.

Sportscasters hatin' on VCU during March Madness. C.S.

Lee Corso once predicted the Hokies would lose
And BAM lightning struck his car, wasn't no blown fuse
So give VCU a chance
At this year's Big Dance
Or you'll take back words, like old lovers' names on tattoos

The Celtic Women Band

The Celtic Women are annoying. Even their name is unimaginative. K.P.

There's nothing about The Celtic Women that I like
The Spice Girls meet Riverdance - mannequins with a mic
I find them so annoying
Even their name is boring
Ireland is lovely, but this Irish chick band can take a hike

Plastic Packaging That's Hard to Open.

Peeve: Plastic packaging that's ridiculously hard to open. E.N.

Plastic packaging is now beyond absurd
Impossible to open, designed by a nerd
It's brought me to tears
Lord, where are my shears?
This useless design stinks worse than a turd.

People Who Use Email Signature "Peace"

Peeve: People who use email signature "peace." J.H.

At the end of your emails, you always write "peace"
Are you Ghandi? John Lennon? No, none of these
You come off like a hippie
To me, it's just dippy
I hereby order you to desist and cease