Thursday, November 18, 2010

Using the Word "is" Twice in a Row

I can’t stand when people use the word “is” twice, in phrases like” “the problem is, is that…” and “the truth is, is that…” How does that even SOUND correct to people who say is? You just SAID that word, why are you saying it twice?? Ugh. - D.W.

The problem is, is that you've said "is" twice
Forgive me if this comment doesn't sound nice
But one is is enough
This rule isn't that tough
Unless you stutter, one is will suffice

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Phone Callers Who Don't Identify Themselves

Telephone callers who don't identify themselves. Many telephone callers don't identify themselves and expect, (i) that the recipient enjoys Caller ID, or (ii) the recipient to recognize their voice (a sign of egocentrism if ever there was one). Please write a snappy haiku I can use to respond with.

Introduce yourself
You know I can't see you, right?
It's a freaking phone!