Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Female Models With Open Mouths

My biggest pet peeve; Why do most ads, whether it be fashion, make-up, hair color,etc., have the women posing with their mouths open (suggestively). -K.S.

Models always pose with mouths agape
Keep that thing shut - I'll give you some tape
I wonder who started
This thing with lips parted
It's as though they're ready to catch a grape

Blasting Music With Headphones On

When someone is listening to headphones, but I can hear the music clear as day. Turn the damn music down! - K.S.

You may as well not even have headphones on
We can hear each lyric, your hearing's gone
In a few short years
You'll have useless ears
You won't know Kanye from Olivia Newton John

Buying Purebreds Instead of Shelter Dogs

Buying purebreds instead of adopting wonderful shelter dogs desperate for a home.-K.P.

Your heart is set on a purebred
Consider adoption instead
Visit the pound
Love will abound
It'll be one less dog who'll be dead

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drivers at a Standstill on Narrow Road

I live in a neighborhood with narrow two-way streets. Every time I encounter an oncoming car, it is a game of chicken to see who will pull to the side first or risk a nasty gash-up. This even happens on my scooter. A limerick might help set the traffic rules straight. -J.R.

This lane is too narrow for both to proceed
You won't pull over and I won't concede
I'll sit here all day
Til you're out of my way.
I've got audio books and a small bag of weed