Monday, February 16, 2009

People Who Chew with their Mouth Open

Wording Dervish, I hate the sounds people make when they chew with their mouth open. It turns my stomach, a more repulsive sound cannot be found. - R

Do you not hear it?
Close your mouth when you're chewing
I want to puke now.

Let Me Finish a Damn Sentence

For you RTC...

You think you know what I'll say
But impatience is all you display
Let me finish my sentence
You're due for repentance
Is it rudeness or naivete?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Young Men Who Flirt with Older Women

Please create a limerick for me about young men who flirt with older women with no intention of dating them, but just to test out their manhood instead.

A limerick for you Anonymous...

I know a young man who's a flirt
I'm older, but not a pervert
To him it's a game
To tease the heart of this dame
I shall eat him tonight for dessert